Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rant - My Logic Does Not Make Sense To You

Disclaimer:  I am not a psychologist or mental health counselor.  I am just a simple-minded individual who has certain beliefs about things.  My logic is not for you to understand.  It is mine.  If you get offended easily, remember that I am ignorant to what I speak of and only want to create some sort of humor.  So lighten up.

With that being said…… I firmly believe that “mental disorders” are over-diagnosed.  I think that we all should be able to think and react however we feel we need to.  I do believe that there are circumstantial situations where medication is 100% necessary but I think there are more situations where children and adults alike are overmedicated.  I also feel the urge to blame parents on these “disorders.”
ADD/ADHD:  Where do I begin?  When I was in school (I’m gonna go with 5th grade)—There were 2 kids in class that had “ADD.”  You know why they were diagnosed with this?  It’s because they were gifted and effing BORED in class.  They were kinda like I am at work.  I’m too smart for my own good (not) and extremely bored so I have to find other things to occupy my time and mind. (yes, your tax dollars hard at work).  I do, however, do my job as I am supposed to so your tax dollars are being spent NOT in vain.  So these kids are labeled as “hyper” and given meds to calm them.  Why can’t we find other ways to utilize their intelligence?
There are other people who are diagnosed with this ADHD business.  I think that parents who work all day don’t want to deal with their child who happens to have energy and is excited to be home with his mom and/or dad.  “Oh, my kid acts crazy.  There must be something wrong with him.”  Nope.  Your kid is a….. KID!!!!  Deal with it!  See the previous blog if you don’t understand.

Next is bi-polar.  Yeah, I’ll probably take some hits for this.  But seriously—why can’t someone just be moody?  I’m a moody bitch at times and I have high times and times when I feel low for no reason.  It could possible be bi-polar disorder affecting me but I look at it as normal for me.  Why does everyone feel the need to diagnose everything?  Can’t a woman just be moody?  Sometimes I don’t want to deal with the bullshit and have a short temper.

Food for thought:  Surround yourself with people you really do like so you don’t have to be all fake and stuff.  I hate that.  The End.

I just started to WORK FROM HOME! -- JOIN ME!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who's Gonna Change YOUR Diaper?

FYI:  I am not trying to be all serious right now.

Answer me this---Why do so many people decide to NOT use birth control?  Isn't it free at the free clinic?  I'd never know because 1. I never had to use the free clinic because I'm not trash  and 2. Surely if those welfare folks can give birth for free, then birth control is free..... or does that make too much sense?

I am so sick of seeing people who hate their own children.  What is that all about?  I've seen moms roll their eyes and look all miserable at the grocery store and other public places at their children.  Hey!  Newsflash!?!  When you opened your skank legs you were asking for a kid.... just sayin.  Birth control is only 99.99% effective, right?  You sure got lucky!

This is one of the major reasons I detest Walmart.  Everyone is always angry with their barefooted kids, all the time.  Always yelling at them to "get over here" or "put that back, you don't need that".  Blah blah.  I'm willing to bet if those kids were left at home alone while mom went to the store, everyone would be happier.  (No, I am NOT condoning leaving small children at home alone).

If you hate your kids, then give them away if you are going to be mean to them because you're only hurting yourself.  Well, you're hurting others too.  But in the future they are the ones who will have to take care of you.  What if they get sick of you with your old wrinkly, disabled, grouchy ass and decide that they are sick of changing your diaper, bathing, you, etc?  Think of that when you decide to be mean to your kids.  And you're hurting others because my kid has to grow up with kids whose parents hate them and those kids are going to be assholes and I really don't want my son to be an asshole or hang around with assholes.

On the flip-side:  Yes!  There is a positive!!  One time recently I was at Walmart (I had the district credit card, so I had to go there--believe me, it wasn't my first choice) and I heard a newborn baby crying.  Being a new mom myself, my nipples leaked and I got all crampy (bahaha, just kidding) but I did get a little heart-flutter because a newborn cry is so sweet.  My son never sounded like a newborn, though.  His cries were more like that of a screech owl, but anyway.....  I actually saw a mother take her sweet, new baby OUT OF THE CARRIER AND COMFORT HIM/HER--THIS WAS AT WALMART, people!!!!  Who'da thought?  I almost cried and went to say something to her but I didn't.  It was heart-warming.

Moral:  Be nice to your kids because 1.  What's the point in being mean to them? and 2. Keep your dirty legs closed if you don't want kids.  The End.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rant: I'm Not Going to Listen to You!

I am hearing that students are getting on my blog and trying to blast me.  I really don't want it to be private because I want the exposure!!  If you would like to read of the shit I deal with daily, please let me know and it can be emailed. 

Thank you!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I Will NOT Congratulate You

Discalaimer:  I am not a psychologist.

This will piss some off.....

First and foremost, I am a person of addiction (and while I'm confessing, I am also naive to a lot of the things I speak of).  I have an addiction to cigarettes.  Bad, gross, deadly habit--I know.  I will quit at some point and when I do, I want no one to pat me on the back.  Why?  Because its a stupid decision I have made and it's my responsibility to get myself out of it.  Plain and simple.

People who "get clean"..... My opinion, I don't understand why we should praise someone for kicking a drug, alcohol/porn/eating disorder habit.  You are the one who got "addicted."  According to Dr. Phil and other mental health gurus, these "addictions" are diseases.  I disagree.  You started it, not your body.  Many will argue that eating disorders are truly a disease and I can agree with that so pretend I didn't say eating disorder.

So when you're addicted to something that means that it interferes with your life on several levels. It causes you to obsess over whatever it is and that has a negative impact on you as a person, your loved ones, and your job. How is this appealing in the first place? I can kind of understand that maybe you thought it would be fun to just try something once but seriously? It's not good for you and I'm sure it's tempting to do again, so you do and that's how it starts.  Remember -- You started this on your own.

A lot of people want to "escape" something so they turn to drugs and alcohol.  Deal with your problems.  Most of us do and do so without the use of drugs. It seems like a lot of people think they are the only ones who go through stuff.  I realize that the issues I have in my life are probably not anything compared to others' but they are mine, theirs and their's and that's just how it goes.  I wish that all people only had my silly little problems.  I think we'd be a happier place if that were the case but it's not.  I also believe that people create their own problems, just like people teach others how to treat them.  If you think wherever you are in your life is not good and/or the people in it are not good for you, then why is it so hard to move on?  Get a pair and move on.  Change your place of residence, change your appearance, even change your name if you have to--Just move away from the toxic environment!  Blah!

So, when people finally kick a drug or alcohol habit, it seems that they always want some sort of praise.  Oh wow!  You've stopped doing drugs and started actually living your life how you're supposed to.  Congratulations.  Do you want a medal for screwing up then getting back on track? Guess what?  I've never effed up my life and severed ties and trust with the people I love because nothing is that important.  My point is -- If you got caught up in something you're not proud of and get out of it then good for you but I will NOT praise you for it. The End.

I think my next will be about women who stay in abusive relationships.....hmmm

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The DMV and MuMu's

Oh, The DMV and Social Security office......

Why is it always welfare day at both?  I am by no means rich but I have a bad habit of judging class....well, passing judgement in general.  I know, its wrong but I can't help it and I always have to tell the truth -- its what I do.  I'm not racist, a homophobe, or sexist (well, sometimes I'm sexist), but I am a classist.  I also happen to believe that there is NOTHING worse than some white trash..... except, white trash with money.

I really do believe that everyone can do better for themselves.  I see no reason for someone to look like crap in public just because they don't have much money. I've been to Goodwill and other thrift stores -- there are nice things there and they have sales.  You can get a decent outfit for less than $5.  I'm sure I'm not being fair and not really checking out the root of the problem but as I said, I am judgmental.  Please don't comment on how mean I'm being.  It's how I feel and don't read my ish if you're going to get offended.  And if you do get offended, then go to Goodwill and make yourself look decent.  Shit.

So why is it that every time I have been to the DMV and the one time I went to the Social Security office, I felt as though I was the richest woman alive?  You have a plethora of large women (yeah, poverty and obesity go hand in hand, I get that) sporting mu-mu's and plastic sandals with crusty ass feet and long toenails.  Hair in curlers or not fixed at all and always yelling at their barefooted kids.  Always.  And it's always a family outing to go to the DMV or SS office.  Do they plan this?  "Hey, round up the kids, we're going to the DMV tomorrow."  Good times.  I'd never bring my child into the SS office but I'd probably bring him into the DMV.  It's gross but not nearly as gross as the SS office.

There is always a security officer whose had one too many donuts and seems as though he's really there for show because I could probably outrun him with my baby in tow.  At the SS office, his job is to "check you in" and give you a number so you can wait for them to call you.  Then, you get to the portal and the worker there treats you like you're stupid, an idiot, uneducated, special, and you don't matter.

Aside from the workers, it blows me away to see how many people get there unprepared.  It's 2012.  The internet is everywhere and so are phones.  Yes, I know you probably don't have it at home, but I bet you have a bad ass jacked-up, mud-flapped truck or decked out, lowered Caddy to get you to Burger King to use their free wi-fi on your pre-paid phone.  Use it!  They have everything you need and you have wasted everyone's time in here by not being prepared.

These unprepared individuals then throw a hissy fit because they weren't prepared and want to blame the workers.  So I can totally see how the workers act like everyone's a screw up.  They deal with irresponsible, extra-fertile, illegitimate kid-having trash who don't think they should be held accountable for anything they do.

Last thought -- Since changing my name after getting married (going on 4 yrs now), I feel paranoid a little every time a cop passes me.  I always think that someone has my same name now and is a felon on the run and the second the cop sees my name, he's going to throw handcuffs on me and take me away!!
I haven't been pulled over since I've gotten married but I pray that when/if I do, that the people who share my name do not have records like that.  Scary stuff!!!
The End.

Recipe: Ranchy Potato Skins with pictures!

Disclaimer:  I have an ugly kitchen.  I won't apologize for it but I ask that you not look at it when I post recipes.  K, thanks.

Anyway -- I hate to admit it, but these are acutally low fat (low-fat cheese and sour cream).   I was potato obsessed during my pregnancy and craved potatoes any way all the time.  I wish I had made these during that time because they should freeze well!

What you need:
4 large potatoes
6 strips of center cut bacon, cooked and chopped
Bag of low-fat shredded sharp cheddar
Tub of low-fat sour cream
3-4 green onions, chopped
1 packet of ranch dip mix

You need to preheat your oven at 400 degrees.  Clean, poke, and wrap potatoes with foil.  Bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Take out of the oven, wait a while and cut them into quarters.

Turn your oven to HI broil.  While broiler baby is heating up, scrape out some of the potato meat and set it aside.  I put mine in a container and then into the freezer for future use!  Leave about 1/2 inch of potato meat  on the potato.

Place the potato quarters on a baking sheet on a rack.  Sprinkle the ranch seasoning in them, however much or little you want.

 Broil the skin side for 2-3 minutes;

 Take out, flip, and add cheese and bacon.  Broil until cheese is melted (about 1-2 minutes).  Remove from oven. ;)

Add more cheese and bacon if you want.  I did because I'm a junkie, cheese-junkie that is.

Add sour cream and green onions enjoy!

Here's what they're supposed to look like.

........But this is how I roll.  Loaded up (its low-fat) & with Sriacha..... I put that ish on everything.

Makes 16 pieces

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Your Baby Needs Clothes On!!!

What is it with older women (talking about 60 +) and babies being cold?  Babies are not little, fragile, old women.  They are usually very healthy things.  My son can be dressed for the weather and still wake up with a sweaty back.  He's hot-natured like his parents.  We both sweat when we sleep no matter what the temperature is.

One lovely 83 degree TEXAS day in December (I was wearing a tank top and jeans and Brooks was wearing a long-sleeved [not long-legged] onesie and socks) I was out at my favorite store, Tar-shey, when I encountered a lady I've known for years.  I hadn't seen her in a long time and it was the first time that she met Brooks.  The conversation went like this:

Me: "Hey!  How are you? 
Her: "Hey girl, oh, look at Mr. Brooks!  Isn't he sweet?"  
        Then she looks at Brooks (I'm rhythmic).
Her to Brooks: Oh, sweety!  (touches and rubs his little sweet legs in an effort to warm them up) "Are your little legs cold?"

I ignored it because I pick my battles.  In my head, I rolled my eyes.

True Facts:

  • A friend of mine was told by a random woman passing by her in a parking lot:  "You need to put more clothes on that baby."  
  • I once saw someone have a blanket on a 4 month old in July (at least 95 degrees in Texas)

So, NO!  He is not cold.  It is 83 degrees outside, not windy, just still heat accompanied by his friend humidity.  He is NOT cold!!  Why do these people think all babies are cold, little non-thriving, weak, delicate beings?  I don't get it.  They are robust and resilient!

My husbands sweet grandma loves to cuddle our hot son in her sweaters.  That's the first thing she does when she gets a hold of him.  This also covers him in the scent of bengay (which I LOVE!).  Old people keep their homes warm anyway so I am 100% certain that he is not cold when he is up in her crib but I just let her do it because its it makes her feel better.  In addition, the first thing she said when she held Brooks for the first time was: "I think he's hungry."  Which brings me to the second part.

Hubby's Gma is also a woman who believes all children should be drinking whole milk by 6 weeks old and eating mashed potatoes.  Every time we see her she asks if he's on whole milk yet and how well does he take to water. She is worried he is not getting enough water. Wha??  I'm doing neither and I tell her this, every time.  I say that he is on formula and there is water in his formula because I mix it. Obviously whole milk, mashed potatoes, and water worked for her because she birthed 5 children and all of them are grown ups now.  I, however, like to take advantage of modern times and listen to what my pediatrician says and I'm pretty sure his formula has more stuff for him than just regular ol' whole milk.  

So basically, pre-Brooks, I thought that I was just going to be pissed every time someone voiced their parenting advice and opinions but I've surprised myself and remained calm and seemingly cooperative (as though I am going to use it).  I thought I was going to have to say "I KNOW, DAMN IT!  I have a degree in Human Development!" all the time, but I don't.  I know what I'm doing but I don't feel that urge, either.  Having Brooks has really brought patience.  I didn't just get a beautiful, bouncing, fantastic baby boy on Sep. 28, I also received a great dose of patience that day.  That's a miracle in itself.

I still just wish I knew why everyone older than 60 thinks that all babies are cold.  They aren't.  The End.