Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rant - My Logic Does Not Make Sense To You

Disclaimer:  I am not a psychologist or mental health counselor.  I am just a simple-minded individual who has certain beliefs about things.  My logic is not for you to understand.  It is mine.  If you get offended easily, remember that I am ignorant to what I speak of and only want to create some sort of humor.  So lighten up.

With that being said…… I firmly believe that “mental disorders” are over-diagnosed.  I think that we all should be able to think and react however we feel we need to.  I do believe that there are circumstantial situations where medication is 100% necessary but I think there are more situations where children and adults alike are overmedicated.  I also feel the urge to blame parents on these “disorders.”
ADD/ADHD:  Where do I begin?  When I was in school (I’m gonna go with 5th grade)—There were 2 kids in class that had “ADD.”  You know why they were diagnosed with this?  It’s because they were gifted and effing BORED in class.  They were kinda like I am at work.  I’m too smart for my own good (not) and extremely bored so I have to find other things to occupy my time and mind. (yes, your tax dollars hard at work).  I do, however, do my job as I am supposed to so your tax dollars are being spent NOT in vain.  So these kids are labeled as “hyper” and given meds to calm them.  Why can’t we find other ways to utilize their intelligence?
There are other people who are diagnosed with this ADHD business.  I think that parents who work all day don’t want to deal with their child who happens to have energy and is excited to be home with his mom and/or dad.  “Oh, my kid acts crazy.  There must be something wrong with him.”  Nope.  Your kid is a….. KID!!!!  Deal with it!  See the previous blog if you don’t understand.

Next is bi-polar.  Yeah, I’ll probably take some hits for this.  But seriously—why can’t someone just be moody?  I’m a moody bitch at times and I have high times and times when I feel low for no reason.  It could possible be bi-polar disorder affecting me but I look at it as normal for me.  Why does everyone feel the need to diagnose everything?  Can’t a woman just be moody?  Sometimes I don’t want to deal with the bullshit and have a short temper.

Food for thought:  Surround yourself with people you really do like so you don’t have to be all fake and stuff.  I hate that.  The End.

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